Seeking for the next Public Relations star

VATSTAR is looking for the next PR star and if you feel like you got what it takes then you need to apply. Visit our Staffing page for more information.


Hiring leaders for the European Division

VATSTAR is hiring leaders for the European Division Following a historic 2 years, VATSTAR announces its expansion into the European division of VATSIM's Pilot Training. The planned expansion in Europe is the first development vision announced outside of the USA since the founding of VATSTAR in 2015. VATSTAR will be seeking to fill positions within… Read More

Jetstar Virtual joins the VATSTAR ATO family

VATSTAR is happy to announce Jetstar Virtual Airlines has joined our ATO program. Jetstar is commited to providing a realistic experience with their innovative technology and unique ranking system. Joining VATSTAR's ATO program also shows Jetstar is commited to their pilot's training and understanding of aviation. Founded in 2004 by like minded individuals who were looking for a realistic approach to Virtual Airline management. Since that time, Jetstar has grown to be one of the oldest and most… Read More

VATSTAR is going to FlightSimCon

VATSTAR is proud to announce that we will be attending the 2017 FlightSimCon in Connecticut on June 10-11. We invite everyone to visit their site and reserve your ticket here. We are excited to make this happen, this is another step to "Making Virtual a Reality" Read More


VATSTAR is proud to announce it's 300th certification on the VATSIM network! We are so pleased at the success we have seen in the past years and are looking forward to many more! Here is to 2017! WE ARE VATSTAR!!!! Read More

VATSTAR is looking for Instructors

VATSTAR is currently looking for new Instructors (INS). If you would like to join or find out some more information click on the Careers menu. All applicants must meet the following requirements: Minimum 1 year on VATSIM network including at least 150 flight hours; blend of commercial and GA preferred. Must possess VATSIM pilot ratings P1 and P2; preferential consideration given to holders of P3, P4, and/or P5. Click here for more information Read More

Craig Bergman the first non-staff P5!

VATSTAR would like to recognize Craig Bergman as the first Non-Staff P5 rating we have given! VATSIM currently has 63 P5 rated pilots out of over 7000+ registered users, so this is no easy task! P5 requires a lot of training, retention and dedication to the experience of Advanced IFR flying. Who will be our next P5? Read More

VATSTAR's 200 Certification

VATSTAR is proud to announce the certification of it's 200th pilot for the VATSIM network! At 01:00Z on the 21st day of August, 2016, our Chief Flight Instructor, Rob Shearman, advised myself and our CEO, Alex Caballero, that he had entered Mr. Kevin Clair, P1, as our 200th certification. We are proud to say that we have accomplished this milestone in less than 14 months. We are still proving each and every day that we are THE ATO everybody will be talking about! The hard work and dedication of… Read More

TexAir are now partners

VATSTAR is happy to announce our new partnership with TexAir. Now you can get certified here and go fly their amazing routes. When able make sure to take a minute and visit their site. Click here Read More

VATSTAR Certified P5

VATSTAR is happy to announce we are now P5 certified and ready to certify you. Members who are P1, P2, and P4 will have the opportunity of becoming an advanced IFR pilot. If you are a member already you can apply by clicking on Member’s Menu > VATSIM Training > Enrollment Application, if you are not a member Sign Up now to begin. This announcement is especially exciting to us because we are now the only stand-alone VATSIM ATO fully certified. Read More

One Year Anniversary Flight

Click on banner for more information. VATSTAR is turning 1! June 24th is our official anniversary. On this date we were granted the ATO status with only P1 and P2. To celebrate a very successful first year, we're partnering with two of our partner ARTCCs, including our very first one, to organize a VATSTAR member flight from Miami (KMIA) to Orlando (KMCO) on Saturday, June 25th. Jacksonville ARTCC is already hosting a VATSIM live event that night, and Miami ARTCC will staff up to help with the… Read More

PR Opening

Seeking for the next Public Relations star VATSTAR is looking for the next PR star and if you feel like you got what it takes then you need to apply. Visit our Staffing page for more information. Read More

Virtual United now a sponsor.

Virtual United now a Sponsor Virtual United Airlines has joined VATSTAR as a sponsor to facilitate training around their pilots. So, if you are looking for a VA cares about their pilot check their website out Read More

P4 Release

Now certifing VATSIM P4 We are now training the VATSIM P4 (IFR Pilot) All current and new pilots are welcome to sign up for it as long as you are P1 and P2 certified already. New pilots click here to get it started, current pilots click here to enroll. Read More