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We thank you for considering becoming a member of VATSTAR. We take training to a level where is fun, stress free, and we still manage to get the education through.

Before we can start training we need to take you through a few things you must understand.

VATSTAR works with VATSIM as an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) to provide the highest quality training. We stand by and help enforce VATSIM policies. This is why is so important to keep up with our policies and VATSIM’s. The first and most important thing to have is a VATSIM ID. The link below takes you where you need to go to obtain one, while you are there read their policies.

Click here to get your VATSIM ID


Before you can sign up, make sure you read and understand these VATSIM policies

•User Agreement

•Code of Conduct

•Privacy Policy

Make sure you check out VATSIM's website to get more information about why sign up and things you must know.

VATSIM Membership Site

Before you continue, take a second to read our policies

No Show
Being on time to your bookings are not just mandatory but also appreciated. Everyone in this program is volunteering their time and when someone doesn’t show up or shows up late to a booking it affect people’s schedule and personal time. For such reasons, no-shows are non-negotiable. All members and staff will follow the no-show rules.

· 1st No Show: A warning will be applied.
· 2nd No Show: Account is temporarily suspended until member meets with CFI or CEO.
· 3rd No Show: Account is terminated.
· All disciplinary actions expire after 180 days.

Subscriptions and Premium Membership:

Our training is 100% free, you will never be charged or asked to pay anything for training or certifications. You will be given a trial of our Premium Membership that gives you access to a few other resources. Money collected is used as donations to help pay for our bottom line instead of filling the website with Google Ads and nonsese. Our Premium Membership has a $9.99 donation for a year subscription. ***It's important you know that a premium subscription is not needed/required for you to do your training and get certified*** Questions about this contact

Need one last reason to join? What our Intro Video

  Are you ready to start your application? Click below and get started or contact us to answer any questions at